KANYE’S ‘FAMOUS’ VIDEO BOOSTS KIM’S SEX TAPE SALES – The pop culture media was buzzing this week about a sharp increase in sales of Vivid’s Kim K Superstar video that began shortly after Kanye posted his now famous “Famous” video. editor Sarah Taylor was out front with a story quoting Vivid chief Steven Hirsch. Her story, which was also teased on TMZ, said: “Ol’ Kim K and her amazing assets at it again … this time, being bolstered by Kanye West’s controversial ‘Famous’ video. Imagine being that sought-after that anything that anyone even remotely related to your situation does boosts your sex tape sales through the roof. Guys, this video is nearly 10 years old and it hasn’t lost any steam whatsoever.   We spoke exclusively with Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch, who, about Kanye’s ‘Famous,’ had this to say: ‘Despite all of the controversy surrounding Kanye West’s video it may be the new favorite for Vivid Entertainment. The reason is that with all of the publicity that the Kim K Superstar sex tape is getting in the coverage of ‘Famous,’ Vivid is seeing a spike in sales for the movie. We should hire Kanye as our Head of Marketing. He single handedly increased our sales by over 50%.’ Wow. And they say good, old-fashioned sex tapes eventually go out of vogue. Not so, friendly friends. Simply not so.”  The Fishwrapper story was picked up by numerous outlets, including, The Daily Caller,, and others. In addition, many stories just reporting on the ‘Famous’ video, such as The New York Daily News,,, and the Daily Mirror, referenced Vivid’s Kim K sex tape.